Uwe Rosenberg’s Le Havre getting a new edition in 2017

06 January 2017
C1a-JjjUoAAnChI-11266.jpg Le Havre
Set will include Le Grand Hameau add-on and promo cards

Le Havre, Uwe Rosenberg’s 2008 spiritual successor to Agricola, is to be reprinted by Mayfair Games later this year.

According to a tweet from BoardGameGeek, which was subsequently reposted by Mayfair, the new edition will include the game’s first expansion, Le Grand Hameau, which adds 30 new special buildings. Various promo cards released for the title will also come bundled in the set.

Inspired by its forebear Agricola, Le Havre sees players collecting resources from the wharves of the eponymous French port before distributing as food for the community, materials to construct new buildings or finished goods to sell. The ultimate aim is to become the richest player at the end of the game, which lasts for around an hour.

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Although not quite as popular as Agricola (which was released the year before and celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017), Le Havre is still one of Rosenberg’s best-regarded games – so this new edition is sure to be a welcome release. A digital version launched on iOS a few years back.


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