Uwe Rosenberg’s Cottage Garden is now the first part of a puzzle trilogy

26 September 2017
pic3741657_lg-50123.jpg Indian Summer
Standalone sequel Indian Summer announced as second entry in series

Uwe Rosenberg’s Cottage Garden could be seen as a spiritual successor to the acclaimed designer’s two-player masterpiece Patchwork, but now the serene tile-placement hit is spinning off into its own trilogy of puzzle games.

The second entry in the proposed ‘puzzle trilogy’ from publisher Stronghold Games is Indian Summer, an autumn-themed standalone sequel to last year’s Cottage Garden that evolves the familiar arrangement of flowers and plant pots with a more taxing scavenger hunt in a forest.

Replacing the green bushes and shrubberies of Cottage Garden are woodland creatures such as foxes and squirrels, as well as multicoloured piles of fallen leaves, as players aim to lay down tiles with holes in them to cover over natural treasures such as berries, nuts and feathers and get an advantage over their rival hunters.

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Illustrating Indian Summer is returning Cottage Garden artist Andrea Boekhoff, with a suggestion that the third and final part of the trilogy will move onto the rural landscapes of winter – and presumably look just as gorgeous.

Indian Summer is reportedly aiming to be out before Christmas, but may slip into the beginning of 2018. It plays with up to four people, taking about 15 minutes per person.


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