Unrecorded Siege

19 September 2018
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Unrecorded Siege, positions itself ......
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Unrecorded Siege, positions itself as a 1-4 players Medium Strategy & Resource Management game with background of Medieval (14th ~ 15th Century Europe) the Hundred Years War. Players take roles as French or English Generals to utilize commanders, armies and siege weapons to conquer or defend the battlefield. Players are expected to use their resources and strategies in setting up tactical formation to deceive and win their opponents. 

Despite the strategic elements in deployment and resource management, the game has introduced a rare game mechanism – flicking, to cavalry class units. It provides unpredictability like it would happen in a real war – either a surprise or a shock, depending on your execution. There are various types of units in the game and only cavalry has that special ability. Therefore, instead of depending your strategies upon luck, flicking is a critical tactic move in the game. 

In addition, the game has put together with high quality of graphics, even alloyed metal army units and miniatures for commanders. For the coming Kickstarter event, the miniature of Jean d'Arc will be giving out exclusively in the Early Bird basic pack on 20th September and the Commander Collection Pack throughout the event. Other miniatures will be made available in the form of stretch goals. 

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