Uno’s first proper sequel in nearly 50 years is called – what else? – Dos

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14 February 2018
DOS-3D-Packaging-89517.jpg Dos
Look forward to Tres in 2068

In the 47 years since Uno first matched numbers and colours, the ubiquitous card game has had dozens of spin-offs, from Angry Birds to X-Man. It’s even had some wackier takes on the formula, such as Uno Extreme, where a central cannon would literally fire out random amounts of cards to pick up. Not to mention its long-overdue introduction of a colourblind-friendly deck last year. But it’s never had a proper sequel. Until now, that is. And what else could it be called, but Dos?

Due out this March (but exclusive to US supermarket Target until August), Dos’ update to Uno’s basic ‘play one or pick one’ rules is as simple as its name change.

Instead of having a single pile on the table, onto which players must lay a matching card or draw from the deck, Dos has two separate stacks that can be discarded to. Once a player only has two cards left, they can then call out ‘dos’ – of course. The winner earns points based on the cards left in their rivals’ hands, with 200 swiping overall victory.

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There are some other minor rules tweaks, such as the ability to discard two cards that add up to one of the numbers in the middle, one on each pile. If you match the colours of both cards in the centre, it also forces your opponents to pick up an extra card. There’s some altered versions of Uno’s wild cards, too.

If you’re not already a fan of Uno’s light ‘take that’ gameplay, it doesn’t sound like Dos will necessarily convert you. But for those who don’t mind a quick round of the biggest card game in the world, Dos could prove to be a fresh take on an old favourite.


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