Unopened Yu-Gi-Oh! Packs Sold for $580K At Auction

20 September 2021
An All Time Record

We regularly see Pokemon cards breaking records, but hear less about other Trading Card sales. This weekend, saw Goldin's first entirely non-sports auction, which featured rare comics, trading card games, and video games – including almost $600k for sealed Yu-Gi-Oh! packs. 

The packs in question are Yu-Gi-Oh! “Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon” card packs, which were originally realised into the English speaking market in 2002, containing 126 cards from the Japanese packs, one of the same name and the other being Phantom God. These were discontinued, and as such are priced for the Blue–Eyes White Dragon and Forbidden One cards. The lot sold was a first edition factory case, containing 12 boxes, with each box containing 24 packs of nine cards. 

The case was factory sealed, but was opened by the experts to ensure authenticity. As a result, the lot reached $584,250, which is record breaking for Yu-Gi-Oh! sales. 

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Though, of course, you have gotta catch em' all, and these were not the only cards sold at the auction, which included the 24k gold Pikachu card that was sold for $29,520, setting its own record for that specific card, a 1999 1st edition Holographic Charizard card for $270,600, a Pokemon card portraying Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of The Pokémon Company for $236,160, and bids for a Pokemon Trading Card auction to benefit charity headlined by Steve Aoki totalled $421,730.


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