Unmatched: Buffy The Vampire Slayer is Out Now

30 September 2020
Hellmouth approved

Mondo, the makers of the Unmatched Series, have the like that it 'navigates the pop culture chaos of the past and present to SAVE THE FUTURE'. Well, we can't guarantee the saving the future part - that's got to be left to either Marty McFly or Busted - but we can watch it navigate the pop culture of old, and it's done so this time with Restoration Games for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. 

The Unmatched series are miniatures duelling games featuring fighters of all kinds with a unique deck of cards that fits their fighting style. You can mix and match fighters from any Unmatched set. But from this set specifically? You've got a choice of Buffy, with a sidekick of either Giles or Xander, Spike and Drusilla, Willow and Tara, Angel and - just to keep things five by five - you've also got Faith. From having a familiarity with the series, it's not clear precisely where in the series the characters have been pulled from, but given it has faded into some level of pop-culture obscurity, it's exciting to see these familiar faces in games at all.

As a result of the new characters, there'll also be new powers added into the series for those already familiar with them, so you'll be able to play into Willow's dark side, for example. The game also eatures a double-sided board where you can pick your battlefields – Sunnydale High or The Bronze, for that added bit of nostalgia. 

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The artwork is by Heather Vaughan, and is designed by Justin D. Jacobson, Rob Daviau, and the game can be purchased from Mondo directly and shipped internationally, with a base cost of $50. 



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