Universal Fighting System CCG creator Jasco opens a new studio to make more board games... inspired by Canada

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18 June 2018
canada-sp-79093.jpg Canada, as seen by South Park
How aboot that

Jasco, the studio behind the UFS collectible card game series and various video game spin-offs from Mega Man: The Board Game to Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game, is headed in an unexpected new direction.

The US publisher has set up a new division called Jasco North, which it says will work to go beyond the Universal Fighting System and its tie-ins with new board games designed in partnership with Lynnvander Studios, which has worked on past Jasco games including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Albion’s Legacy, as well as Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops.

Most intriguingly, the first of these games will apparently be inspired by Jasco North’s new home of Canada, with Jasco saying that it has plans for “several new games and titles that are thematically fitting for their new territory”. The studio’s logo leans into this Canadian embrace, too, incorporating a maple leaf.

“It makes sense that Jasco North’s first games should have a real string of Canada in them,” confirmed Lynnvander producer and CEO Thomas Gofton.

What this means will seemingly be revealed in coming weeks as Jasco North’s first projects are revealed, with “brand new board game content” due to launch as soon as the last quarter of this year.

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As you’d expect, fans have been quick to make light of the news in their Facebook replies to the announcement, suggesting their own ideas for games celebrating Canada.

“Calling it now- new OP combo drops, everyone shouts ‘blame canada’,” commented Timothy Crowley, referring to the infamous South Park musical gag.

“Mounty Madness, Poutine Prowlers, and Lumberjack Lassies all confirmed for 2019,” joked Jeff Zumstein.


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