Ultimate Werewolf studio Bezier jumps on the hype train for railroad-building title Whistle Stop

28 February 2017
1500x1500_1cb798589c28a6634362f00cd20f5ab0fb4b13e608bdaea9767833cd-13578.jpg Whistle Stop
Locomotive title designed by Voluspa and Kachina creator Scott Caputo

Bezier Games, publisher of Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Suburbia and the One Night Ultimate series, has signed up a new railroad-building game from the creator of Voluspa and Kachina.

Scott Caputo’s Whistle Stop casts players as owners of train companies in the American West during the close of the 19th century. As you might’ve guessed, the aim is to expand your network across the region, connecting bigger cities and the titular small towns in order to transport and deliver cargo.

As in beloved train game Ticket to Ride, it’s possible to knock out smaller paths for faster – but less valuable – rewards, or attempt to complete a lengthy route for a larger pay-out. There’ll also be the chance to purchase upgrades and railroad shares, with separate player boards.

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Whistle Stop will be out in August and includes 25 dinky wooden trains.

Image via ICv2


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