UK Games Expo 2016 - Labyrinth board game

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08 June 2016
riverhorse-39801.jpg Labyrinth
Alessio Cavatore introduces us to the game inspired by Jim Henson's Labyrinth

One of the games that most certainly caught our eye during the UK Games Expo 2016 was the Labyrinth the board game designed by Alessio Cavatore from River Horse Games. Alessio's name may be familar as he's previously worked on the Lord of the Rings game from Games Workshop, along with Kings of War from Mantic Games and, more recently, he released the Terminator Genisys game.

However, it seems that Labyrinth, inspired by the iconic Jim Henson film, could be his most popular game yet... judging by the pre-orders and love for the project on Facebook. In the video below, Alessio runs through the basics and talks about his love for the movie.

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