UK Games Expo 2016 - Lab Wars and Highwaymen

08 June 2016
labwars-52495.png Lab Wars
Check out these two new games, currently looking for funding on Kickstarter

At the UK Games Expo there were numerous designers showcasing games that had either recently launched on Kickstarter or are heading to the crowd funding platform in the weeks to come. The Expo is a perfect opportunity to raise some awareness if the project is already live or get some last minute feedback from potential players in the game is still in development. A couple of games that are currently looking for funding on Kickstarter are Lab Wars and Highwaymen... unfortunately we did film interviews with the creators but our microphone seems to have been playing up for those (typical). 

Lab Wars

Lab Wars is a unique card game where you get to recreate the spirit and fun of working in a lab and learn about historical scientific sabotage in the process! Out-think your competitors by deducing which character they will play each turn and get a bonus for doing so.


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The idea of the game is to attack a Coach guarded by Military Escorts and steal the Gold that lay within before it can escape. Work as a team to ensure that you can take the Coach apart whilst dealing with the Escorts, but be ready that at any moment your friends could turn against you and leave you for dead whilst they retreat with their share of the Gold!

Help your friends retrieve the Gold only to turn around and take it from them before making your dashing escape!


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