Two new Patchwork games and Caverna expansions are on the way

02 February 2018
pic1790789-44148.jpg Caverna: The Cave Farmers
Forgotten Races joining original cave-farming game, with two-player spin-off Cave vs Cave entering Era II

Two of Uwe Rosenberg’s biggest hits are getting even bigger, thanks to a slew of incoming expansions and spin-offs.

First up is Patchwork, the designer’s delightful two-player quilt-weaving game, which appears to be getting two spin-offs: Patchwork Express and Patchwork ‘Xtrem’.

There’s currently no information on how Express will differ to the already pretty snappy original, while Xtrem is particularly interesting due to the box’s lack of the ‘For two players’ tag that accompanies all of Rosenberg’s couples-friendly releases. Could it be a multiplayer variant for larger groups? According to BoardGameGeek, we’ll find out in 2019, when Patchwork Xtrem is ‘probably’ due for release.

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In the meantime, we’ll be keeping busy with two expansions for the Caverna series.

The original cave-farming worker-placement game is getting the ‘Forgotten Races’ box, which appears to be the official release of an ambitious homemade expansion created by mega-fan Alex Wilber and released for free in 2016 before being picked up by Caverna publisher Lookout last year.

The expansion introduces a host of extra races to the game, including hobbits, trolls, gnomes, goblins, elves and more, and has been ‘significantly’ enlarged from the free version.

Caverna’s small sibling, two-player spin-off Cave vs Cave, is also getting an expansion, in the form of Era II. Planned for release later this year, it’s again not clear what the box will add to the trimmed-down edition – but that won’t stop us hunting it down the moment it hits shelves.


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