Turbo Dork Meets Para Bellum in a New Collaboration

14 January 2021
Great miniatures and great colours make for a great collab

Para Bellum Wargames, known for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, and Conquest: First Blood, have announced a collaboration with Turbo Dork, the metallic paints specialists (which we have used and recommended in our accessories recommendations!). 

“It felt like a natural fit” says Dimosthenis Xylas, Lead Painter of Para Bellum Wargames’ studio. “The Tuboshift and metallic Turbo Dork paints are ideal to bring out exactly the ever-changing, shifting metal-come-to-life feel we want for them as it is a core concept of the Inferno Automata!” The colors chosen for this model were handpicked by the two companies to best represent the lore and feel of the Automata on the table.

The hues of Turbo Dork paints are a perfect fit for the Inferno Automata steel and stone bodies, which encase a furnace burning the smouldering remains of a primordial beast. The demonic spirit is bound to the frame, offering cruel intellect and aggression, warping the steel and stone and offering the Automata the iconic look. 

“We are so happy to be working with Para-Bellum on bringing new colors and ideas into the world of Conquest. It is such an amazing line of miniatures and we can't wait to see our paints being shown off on them.” says Greg De Stefano, Commissar of Color at Turbo Dork.

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The collaboration means that in February 2021 for a price of $49, you'll be able to purchase the Inferno X Turboshift box, which will contain one Inferno Automata plastic model, and five Turbo Dork colours to paint it with, which include: Silver Fox, Shell Shocked, Cartridge Family, Ground is Lava, and Forrest Flux. 

Para Bellum has been making waves in the wargame world, and you can check out what they said when we asked them to talk us through the creation of a miniature from start to finish in this brilliant read.

You can also check out Chris attempting to paint a miniature live on Twitch, using Turbo Dork paints - see below!


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