Trumped Up Cards are a politically-charged Cards Against Humanity pastiche

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21 September 2016
1-IoC6tJygPBGpNI3oqVrJkA-(1)-97861.jpeg gameplay is very similar to Cards Against Humanity
Game jokingly subtitled ‘The World’s Biggest Deck’ and created by LinkedIn co-founder challenges players to offer their best response to questions concerning state of USA
Trumped Up Cards are a politically-charged Cards Against Humanity pastiche Images

In the years following the release of Cards Against Humanity, there have been countless spin-offs, shameless rip-offs and innovative evolutions of the game’s endlessly popular ‘fill the blank’ mechanics. But there’s arguably never been a take on the formula quite like this.

Trumped Up Cards: The World's Biggest Deck is the brainchild of Reid Hoffman, a co-founder and executive at professional social network LinkedIn, who is also a public supporter of US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton – and an outspoken critic of her rival, Donald Trump.

As the name suggests, the cards are inspired by Trump’s various controversial statements and actions, from withholding his tax returns to being unable to handle crying babies.

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Like CAH, the game poses a question to players – such as ‘What’s the biggest threat facing America?’ – and challenges them to play a fitting (whether that’s accurate or amusing) response. 40 Trump cards shake up the formula by altering gameplay mechanics with, again, actions inspired by their namesake, such as ‘Go off script!’

The game is priced at $20.16, with all profits going to “charities that are already working to keep America great” – another dig at Trump’s ‘Make American great again’ campaign slogan.

“Act quickly, because after the election is over and a new year begins, we’re raising the price to $20.17!” Hoffman joked.


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