TravelBattle is a complete Napoleonic wargame in a portable box

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13 March 2017
17218669_1124379631017475_496268574886147877_o-49232.jpg TravelBattle
Perry Miniatures’ travel-friendly set includes 8mm figures and two 10-inch square terrain boards

For all the wonderful aspects of miniature wargaming, portability is often not one of them. Perry Miniatures has stepped in with a proposed solution to the challenge of taking an entire army and terrain with you on the move.

The does-what-it-says-on-the-tin TravelBattle set is designed to offer a complete Napoleonic wargame in a box.

Inside the box are 160 infantry, 24 cavalry, four guns and 12 crew, and six brigadier figures at an 8mm scale and colour-coded in red and blue.

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There are also two 10-inch square terrain boards with 3D roads, hills, six buildings and walls which can be arranged in any combination for 16 different environments.

In addition, the boards are marked with one-inch grid squares to avoid the need for a ruler.

Rounding out the package are four dice and a set of rules, which offer a simplified wargaming system that Perry claims will allow a match to be finished in under an hour.

TravelBattle costs £50 and will launch on April 22nd at Salute. Perry has already teased that it will consider expansions and other releases in the portable series if the set takes off.


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