Toy Story is getting a co-op deckbuilder based on Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

18 June 2019
toy-story-obstacles-and-adventures-05405.jpg Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures

Prepare to get misty-eyed about your childhood: a new Toy Story deckbuilding card game will revisit the entire series of Pixar films.

Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures – which, it has to be said, is a pretty terrible name – is based on the gameplay of the surprisingly good Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle co-op deckbuilder released a while back, but, y’know, with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie instead of Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

Just as Hogwarts Battle remixed the whole Harry Potter series and split the general plot of the movies into legacy-style boxes that were opened across a series of chapters in the game, gradually introducing new locations, characters and rules, Obstacles & Adventures will follow the general arc of the Toy Story films.

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This includes six boxes of cards that players will open over the course of a campaign, which are described as each representing different Toy Story films – including the four main instalments in the series, plus shorts and spin-offs.

The cards will add both goodies and baddies, including toy-destroying evil kid Sid, Toy Story 2’s stinky Prospector Pete and Toy Story 3’s Mr. Pricklepants (you’ll have to provide your own Timothy Dalton voice), as well as the regular gang of Andy’s toys like Hamm, Rex and Bo Peep. You can expect characters from this month's Toy Story 4 to make an appearance, too.

Each chapter will take around 45 to 90 minutes to complete, but – like Hogwarts Battle – the whole game can be replayed with minimal effort. The players will be working together, with two to five people able to control the iconic characters – one more than Hogwarts Battle’s four-player cap.

Toy Story: Obstacles & Adventures will cost $50 (£40) in the US, where it’ll be released this autumn. UK pricing and a release date are yet to be confirmed.


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