Tickets Please: Amazon Alexa Now Plays Ticket To Ride

20 November 2019
And other voice assistant games you can play with your Alexa.

Alexa, everyone’s favourite eavesdropping piece of home technology has finally made the time to learn how to play Ticket To Ride

The announcement see Days of Wonder teaming up with Amazon to let Alexa teach or play Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe. Amusingly, Alexa will also select some background music to play along with the game for a bit of ambient immersion.

Want to play it now? If you’re in the UK, USA or France you can simply demand of your diminutive voice assistant: “Alex launch ticket to ride”

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(Or the equivalent in French, one assumes)

Alexa can be used in these situations to run a solo game with a single person, or added as an additional player to the group.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a voice assistant has been used in a game. Here’s a few we have covered in the past:

For those who want a bit more space in their voice-assisted adventures, Void Warper, by River Horse is as available through Amazon Alexa today. For this command your over-eager online-shopping companion with the phrase: "Alexa, launch Void Warper"


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