Ticket to Ride on PS4 will let you keep your cards hidden on your phone

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13 June 2018
ttr-ps4-screen-tv-93149.jpg Ticket to Ride PS4
PlayLink-compatible digital edition out later this year

Ticket to Ride’s digital edition is coming to the PlayStation 4, but it’ll be arriving on the video game console with some extra features that sound pretty neat indeed.

Ticket to Ride on PS4 will include support for the system’s PlayLink tech, which lets players use their phone or tablet as a controller for multiplayer games.

The tech has previously been used in party trivia games such as That’s You! and social deduction murder-mystery title Hidden Agenda, and will be familiar to anyone who’s played the Jackbox Party Pack games. Unlike Jackbox's browser-based connection, past PlayLink games have required players to download a specific app to hook up with the games.

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What this means is that players will be able to use their mobile device like a hand of cards, keeping their train cards and routes hidden from other players rather than displayed for all to see on the TV.

“Digital board games are a natural fit for Sony PlayLink, and bring the tradition of board game nights to PlayStation gamers,” said Asmodee Digital CEO Pierre Ortolan. “PlayLink allows us recreate the traditional board game experience while keeping the benefits of playing digitally.”

Ticket to Ride is the latest big board game to jump onto video game consoles in recent weeks, following the news that Carcassonne would be opening the gates for board games on the Nintendo Switch, with more planned for the future.

Asmodee has upped its digital presence lately, bringing Catan to virtual reality and revealing a Mansions of Madness spin-off that will be an original video game set in the Lovecraftian Arkham Horror Files universe.


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