Ticket to Ride calls a cab with 15-minute, £20 version set in 1960s New York City

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16 May 2018
ttr-ny-09543.jpg Ticket to Ride: New York
Robert De Niro expansion to be confirmed

Ticket to Ride is headed to the Big Apple with its smallest spin-off yet.

Ticket to Ride: New York goes beyond just relocating Alan R. Moon’s beloved train game to the US city in the 1960s, condensing the original’s carriage-placing, ticket-completing gameplay down to a simplified board.

This time around, though, players are completing routes using taxi cabs and buses, with much shorter distances between locations such as Wall Street, Central Park and Times Square and various landmarks, each with a level of prestige.

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In place of plastic carriages, the box includes 60 diddly taxis (15 in each player colour). There’ll be 18 destination tickets in total, with 44 colour-coded transportation cards.

Impressively, an entire match is said to play out in 10 to 15 minutes with two to four players, with the box and vertically-orientated board described as “extremely portable”.

The game is due out in Europe this July, where it’ll cost €20 (£18)


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