Thunderstone Quest returns this June with solo and co-op modes

01 May 2018
matt-paquette-tsqshots2-56413.jpg Thunderstone Quest (via Matt Paquette/ArtStation)
Fantasy-adventure deckbuilder back on Kickstarter

Thunderstone Quest, Mike Elliott’s fantasy-adventure deckbuilding game, is heading back to Kickstarter this summer for an updated edition.

A follow-up to Elliott’s 2009 original, Thunderstone Quest involves two to four people assembling a deck of adventurers who embark on a journey to a dungeon to fight monsters and earn victory points, taking a trip back to town after each excursion to refresh and upgrade their equipment.

Quest doubled down on Thunderstone’s dungeon system, introducing specific scenarios made up of certain tiles, monsters and rewards that comprised a campaign leading up to a final confrontation.

The game made more than $500,000 on Kickstarter last year, finding its way into the hands of backers this spring.

Publisher AEG has now announced that it will launch a second crowdfunding campaign for the game, introducing two new ways to play requested by the community: solo and co-op.

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An alternative to the competitive-only format of Quest, the modes unite players in an effort to defend the village from attacking Guardians.

The solo and co-op rules will be included with the new version of the game, but will also be released as a PDF on the Thunderstone Quest website, so there’s no need to pick up a whole second box just to play the variants, but it will involve new boards, tokens and cards that will be available through the Kickstarter.

The upcoming new edition will also include a sixth adventure, What Lies Beneath, with all of the original campaign’s content available to pick up during the upcoming re-run.

The second Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter is planned to go live this June, with no details on its full release date yet.


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