Thundergryph launches five euro-style games bundle deal

04 March 2020
Pack your cardboard suitcase and hit your local game store with style!

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday. Not one, not two but five euro-styled games in one Kickstarter. 


Dubbed The Matchbox Collection by publisher Thundergryph, these five eurogames are designed to be portable with their matchbox style containers. One of the pledges even includes a custom cardboard briefcase to carry them in. Which is really tempting us.


The five games are: 

15 Days, a game in which the seasons are out of sorts and you have to help the various animal meeples by collecting sets of seasons. The animal meeples in this are fantastic looking and have already been improved thanks to a stretch goal.


Eiyo which puts you in the armoured sandals of a samurai as you face down hordes of enemies, using various weapon cards and earning ‘honour points’.


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Rebis continues the eclectic mix by being about alchemists and tasking you with creating elixirs. The strategy seems to be about cleverly collecting ingredients and brewing them at the right time.


Space Lunch casts you as an alien traveller looking to get a good lunch by mixing and matching alien food and drinks in a short set-collection game.


And finally Golems tasks you with becoming the greatest golem summoner in a card collection game about, you guessed it, golems. Each card can be used for victory points or resources which sounds a bit grim, but hey, sometimes you just need those sweet, sweet resources.


The Kickstarter is going strong and has smashed past its goal and through seven stretch goals in just two days. Probably thanks to the fantastic art for each game. Their campaign page has detailed information about each game and, if you’re into that sort of thing, their highly detailed shipping timeline.


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