Through the Ages and Codenames digital versions set for early 2017

14 November 2016
tta_1-905x509-92246.jpg Through the Ages will receive a beta test later this year
Vlaada Chvátil confirms solo and multiplayer modes in both revered games

Vlaada Chvátil has revealed that the digital editions of his acclaimed strategy epic Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization and Spiel des Jahres-winning party game Codenames are on course for release at the start of next year.

Speaking to Stately Play, Chvátil said that multiplayer was being ironed out for both games, which will also include single-player solo variants.

“Personally, I am now working on interesting challenge scenarios, so there will be lots to play even if you prefer single player,” Chvátil said of Through the Ages, adding: “Even in Codenames, we want to have something that resembles a single-player experience. We are already testing it and it works pretty well.”

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Chvátil went on to detail an account system that would be integrated in both digital ports, as well as in the virtual version of his game Galaxy Trucker.

“We are expanding our multi-platform solution so all games should share the same account which should allow friend lists, invitations to games, messaging etc. across apps,” he explained.

Through the Ages will receive a limited beta ahead of launch, with its full release hitting screens alongside Codenames at the “very beginning of 2017”.


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