Three years later, RPG spin-off Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover is back from the dead (sort of)

13 March 2017
SR5-1920x1080-76616.jpg Shadowrun
Board game originally announced for 2014 release has been redesigned and will launch after new card game Zero Day

Three years after it was originally planned to launch, the board game adaptation of massively popular sci-fi roleplaying game Shadowrun has resurfaced.

Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover was billed as a Euro-style adaptation in the vein of Lords of Waterdeep, designed by Bryan Steele, which was on the cards to release in 2014 as part of 'The Year of Shadowrun'.

Hostile Takeover then vanished with little trace for years, but now appears to have come back to life in a completely new form.

Shadowrun: The Board Game is an upcoming adaptation of the RPG set for launch at Gen Con in August and published by Catalyst.

According to founder Loren Coleman (via ICv2), Shadowrun: The Board Game is a brand new design after the initial concept for Hostile Takeover was rejected.

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Players will form a team, improve their runners’ skills and gear, and then take on a variety of missions to earn cash.

Catalyst will also launch a new card game based on the Shadowrun universe. Titled Zero Day, the game is said to be a fast-paced head-to-head card-battler with resource management mechanics.

Shadowrun: Zero Day is due to launch at the Origins fair in June.


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