This year’s Essen will have a Twitch streaming stage for the first time – watch it live here

23 October 2017
MAIN-PIC-Essen-2016-43972.jpg Essen
Asmodee hosting interviews, game previews and tournaments

For the first time since it began in 1983, the biggest gaming fair in the world will be broadcasting live to the internet with a new streaming stage.

Mega-publisher Asmodee has teamed up with livestreaming giant Twitch to set up the stage in Essen Spiel’s discovery zone, which will run throughout the four-day event.

Some of the happenings on-stage will include interviews with designers such as Blood Rage and Rising Sun creator Eric Lang, Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau of Pandemic Legacy fame, and Fantasy Flight studio head Andrew Navarro.

There’ll also be previews of upcoming games, such as the Fallout board game, Terra Mystica sequel Gaia Project and the quirky adventure Stuffed Fables.

Finally, Asmodee will be holding tournaments for a selection of games from Exploding Kittens to the co-op Pandemic Survival challenge.

You can watch the four-day stream below, and check under the video for the full schedule (all times in DST).

Watch live video from AsmodeeGames on

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Thursday October 26th

  • 10am Dice Forge
  • 11am Oh Captain!
  • 12pm Exploding Kittens – Big Feline Cards
  • 1pm When I Dream
  • 2pm Exploding Kittens tournament
  • 3pm Majesty: To Forge a Realm
  • 4pm Let's Play! T.I.M.E Stories
  • 5pm Tea & Talk - Eric Lang
  • 6pm A Game of Thrones Catan


Friday October 27th

  • 10am Legend of the Five Rings
  • 11am Nomads
  • 12pm Exploding Kittens – Big Feline Cards
  • 1pm Fallout
  • 2pm Pandemic Survival - Last Chance Qualifier
  • 4pm Let's Play! Concept
  • 5pm Tea & Talk - Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau
  • 6pm Gaia Project


Saturday October 28th

  • 10am Cities of Splendor
  • 11am Mysterium Secrets & Lies
  • 12pm Exploding Kittens – Big Feline Cards
  • 1pm Otys
  • 2pm Pandemic Survival German National Final
  • 4pm Let's Play! Unlock!
  • 5pm Tea & Talk - Andrew Navarro
  • 6pm Crossfire
  • 6:30pm Stuffed Fables


Sunday October 29th

  • 10am Ticket to Ride: France & Old West
  • 11am Ticket to Ride with Max
  • 11:30am Ticket to Ride: First Journey
  • 12pm Exploding Kittens – Big Feline Cards
  • 1pm Dobble
  • 1:20pm Cortex 2
  • 1:40pm NMBR 9
  • 2pm Codenames Duet
  • 2:30pm Catch the Moon
  • 2:50pm Storyline
  • 3:10pm Abalone
  • 3:30pm Contrast
  • 4pm Let's Play! Dixit
  • 5pm Tea & Talk - Final Thoughts

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