This eye-wateringly beautiful edition of Modern Art belongs in a gallery

01 November 2017
image04-55683.jpg Oink's Modern Art
Oink Games’ remake of Reiner Knizia classic features artists such as Mondrian

Reiner Knizia’s bidding classic Modern Art has long been considered a fantastic game let down by underwhelming visuals, with the hilarious auctioning of artwork between players undermined by some questionable painting picks.

CMON’s new edition of the 1992 title this year finally did its theme justice, pairing some real-life works of art from contemporary painters with the timeless gameplay for the best version of the game yet.

That is, until Japanese studio Oink Games announced its own remake of Modern Art, which has swiped the crown for the best-looking edition of the game yet – not to mention perhaps being one of the most attractive games we’ve ever seen.

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Oink’s Modern Art comes packed into a tiny box but includes the game’s signature player screens, each illustrated with an abstract design based on famous art galleries from around the globe on the front and featuring helpful reference guides to the game’s different types of auction and shifting values of each artist’s paintings as they’re sold on the reverse.

The real beauty is in the paintings themselves, which this time around feature works by famous artists including Mondrian, as well as two artists from Able Art Company, an organisation focused on promoting the work of artists with disabilities. The cards feature quick reference symbols in their corners, so the type of auction and artist can be identified while holding a hand of paintings.

There’s even a miniature wooden easel to prop the paintings on while bidding each round, while even the scoring board is made gorgeous with the use of the artists’ illustrations and diamond value markers.

Sadly, Oink’s edition of Modern Art is only available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, although you should be able to import it relatively easily here in the UK – though you’ll need to learn a bit of German to read the cards.


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