This beautiful briefcase carries everything you need to play RPGs on the go, if you can stand the cost

19 April 2017
kit-46178.JPG The Adventurer's Kit
The Adventurer’s Kit includes room for everything from dice and cards to a phone charger and even a laptop

As fun as they are, roleplaying games can be a fuss. From hundreds of cards and dozens of books to handfuls of dice and carefully painted miniatures, storing and transporting all of the bits and bobs needed to continue your latest epic campaign safely can often end up being a real pain.

A new Kickstarter project hopes to remedy this with a customisable carrying case designed to house and hold everything from traditional pens and paper to modern RPG essentials such as phones, tablets and laptops.

The Adventurer’s Kit is a briefcase that divides in half and comes with modular sections for dice, pens and pencils (as well as a pencil sharpener), miniatures, a phone charger, cards, a rolling tray, clipboards, character sheets and books, plus brackets that clip along the edge of either half to hold up a book, phone, tablet or laptop.

The pieces can be moved around to suit different types of RPG and play style, allowing cards to be held upright and divided for easy access and clipboards for character sheets to be held above the rolling tray.

It’s made from wood, lined with felt and finished outside in ‘dragon’ skin with a leather handle, with a variety of different colours on offer if you back the campaign.

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$140 (£109) will net you just the outer case, sans modular inserts, with the $180 (£140) ‘Amish’ tier dropping the battery pack and phone brackets for those who prefer to do things the traditional way. $195 (£152) is the price of the full Adventurer’s Kit in any of the 12 colours, with a brass handle upping the price to $215 (£167) for those who prefer not to have their goods clad in deceased animal. $265 (£206) goes the whole hog and allows you to pick and choose the colour for each component separately.

Regardless of which version you opt for, you’ll need to add a not-insubstantial $80 (£62) in shipping to get it to the UK, making even the cheapest option over £170 all-in. Not exactly pocket change, but potentially worth the investment for a lifetime hobby.

The campaign has 32 days left to run at the time of writing, and delivery of the cases is expected in December.


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