Thieving deckbuilder Clank! pinches from the pyramids in The Mummy’s Curse expansion

25 January 2018
Clank-Mummys-Curse-Flat-Front-RGB-small-81624.png Clank!: The Mummy's Curse
Introduces new pyramid board, monsters and curses

After stealing from a dragon, recovering underwater treasure and taking its kleptomania into space, deckbuilder Clank! is sneaking out another expansion.

The Mummy’s Curse is the second expansion for the original game, following last year’s Sunken Treasures, which added flooded maps and environmental perils to the challenge of gathering loot while keeping quiet, and Clank! In! Space!, the standalone sci-fi spin-off set in a space station.

Due out this spring, the Egyptian-inspired box introduces a double-sided board set inside an ancient pyramid that the players are robbing.

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Understandably, the tomb’s mummy guardian isn’t so impressed by the pillaging and will roam the board attempting to stop the looters by cursing them.

As if a mummy wasn’t enough, another dragon makes an appearance, with other challenges promised in the set.

Like the original game, The Mummy’s Curse will play with two to four people and take from half an hour to an hour to play.


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