These art prints from birdy board game Wingspan are flocking fantastic

28 February 2019
wingspan-31535.jpg Wingspan
Avian artistry

Two of the artists behind this year’s bird-filled Wingspan have made their dozens of dazzling illustrations for the strategy board game available as prints.

Natalia Rojas and Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, alongside co-artist Beth Sobel, produced a veritable menagerie of drawings for Elizabeth Hargrave’s major tabletop debut.

More than 160 of the birds found on the game’s cards can be bought as prints to stick up on your wall via Rojas’ online store, running the gamut of North American avian stars from the Acorn Woodpecker to the Yellow-rumped Warbler

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The prints cost between $35 (£26) and $75 (£56), depending on the size, and include both colour pencil illustrations and artwork created using a mixture of mediums.

If you want to see the bird images in their original habitat, Wingspan will see a worldwide release from Scythe and Charterstone label Stonemaier on March 8th after it was announced at the end of last year.

We spoke to Hargrave and Rojas in depth about Wingspan – and its stunning collection of feathered stars – in the February issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine.


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