There's not just games at Tabletop Gaming Live!

25 August 2022
It’s not all games after all – here’s a few of the gaming adjacent highlights from the upcoming show

If the multitudes of games, the workshops, the open gaming area and everything in between at Tabletop Gaming Live wasn't enough, it's worth noting that it's not just games you can find at our event! Plenty of exhibitors will be showing off their fabulous gaming accessories or gaming adjacent items for your enjoyment, and we've selected just a small few to whet your appetite. 

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Our friends a Loke have been putting out gridded battlefields for you to beat up goblins on for years – head over and check out their new range of battle books and the recent Untold Encounters of a Random Kind if you want something other than a goblin to attack the party.

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We’re joined by the maker of pop-culture collectables maker for their first ever UK hobby gaming show appearance. You’ll be able to check out all of their games (how about The Goonies or Rear Window?) – but you might be drawn in by the always cute reimaginings of your favourite TV and film characters.


Without Geeknson, what would we even be playing out games on? The premier creator of gaming tables will be in attendance, showing off their custom made tables that have all the bells and whistles – some of which you didn’t even know you needed.


Need a sugarush? Head over to Honeybadger for the tastiest dice (that you can actually eat). Do they roll true? Maybe. Do they taste great? Yes. The perfect memento of your trip.


While we don’t have a T-shirt that says “I went to Tabletop Gaming Live 2022 and all I got is 20 games and this T-Shirt”, Meeple Designs will have the next best thing. Beautiful recreations of classic games as travel posters are some of the highlights.

If you’ve not picked up your tickets for Tabletop Gaming Live yet, now’s the time! This epic gaming convention will be taking place on the 17th & 18th September 2022, and will host a huge range of exhibitors, gamers, workshops, and opportunities to play. Taking place at the historic Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, we can’t wait to see you there. But for now, we're taking a look at some of the games you can find at the event!

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We can't wait for Tabletop Gaming Live 2022! An epic weekend in Manchester full of board games, card games, roleplaying games, wargames and more, with amazing exhibitors, great games, and an opportunity to game together in person.

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