There’s an official Call of Cthulhu RPG metal dice set coming to haunt your dreams

01 March 2017
Unknown-27552.png Call of Cthulhu dice
Tin dice sculpted by Q Workshop in partnership with RPG publisher Chaosium

Chaosium is teaming up with gaming accessories specialist Q Workshop to make a brand new set of metal dice designed for its seminal Lovecraftian RPG Call of Cthulhu.

Q Workshop, which previously created a series of metal dice for Paizo RPG Pathfinder, will sculpt the range of dice – from D4 up to D20 – out of tin. Yes, there will be plenty of tentacles and eldritch-y squiggles and stars.

In news that will surprise nobody born before 2009, the team have announced their plans to take the dice to Kickstarter on March 16th, aiming at the same $50,000 goal Q Workshop had for the Pathfinder set. (Which it subsequently smashed six times over, raising north of $300,000.)

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There’s no word on how much the set will cost yet – if it’s similar to the Pathfinder set, expect a full set (including a D4, D6, D8, two D10s, D12 and D20) for around $60 to $70 (£49 to £57, plus shipping).


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