There’s a new Pathfinder RPG comic book spin-off starring John Carter and Tarzan

19 October 2016
DYN0031-E-69710.jpg Worldscape #1
Each issue of Pathfinder Worldscape will include new rules and maps for the tabletop RPG

Have you ever found yourself wondering during a roleplaying session of Pathfinder: what if Tarzan was here?

Well, wonder no more, thanks to a new comic book crossover series that mashes up the RPG with iconic characters from literature and film.

Pathfinder Worldscape takes place in the titular setting between universes, where the realm of Pathfinder combines with the other comic book worlds and characters of publisher Dynamite Comics.

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There include 1970s Marvel creation Red Sonja, and Edgar Rice Burroughs’ literary characters John Carter of Mars and Tarzan, who are all confirmed as appearing in future issues.

Each issue of Worldscape will include official statistics for the heroes, as well as new rules, archetypes and races that can be integrated into a campaign played using the RPG. The first issue, which is out now, includes stats for Sonja, plus the Sword-Devil archetype.

In addition, every issue will come with a poster-sized map for use in Pathfinder campaigns which reflects the story of Worldscape.

The series is being written by Pathfinder: Hollow Mountain author and Paizo chief creative officer Erik Mona and illustrated by Red Sonja and Cub artist Jonathan Lau. Limited edition covers from artists behind series such as Deadpool and The Spectre will also be available.


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