There’s a dice game based on TV show Outlander on the way

07 November 2016
otltugame01_large-47024.jpg The game takes around half an hour to play
Destiny Dice (no relation to Star Wars: Destiny) sees lovers Jamie and Claire attempting to reunite

We’d never heard of it before now, but that hasn’t stopped a dice-rolling spin-off to historical sci-fi TV show Outlander rearing its head.

For those of you who, like us, are not in the know about Outlander, the show is based on Diana Gabaldon’s series of novels, which follow World War II nurse called Caitriona Balfe as she time-travels back to 18th century Scotland and meets rugged Highland warrior Jamie Fraser. The first two seasons of the show have gathered warm critical reviews, with a third season planned for broadcast next year.

Now you’re all caught up, we’re sure you’ll be overjoyed to hear that a dice game based on the show has been announced for release next February.

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Outlander: Destiny Dice, which has nothing to do with Fantasy Flight’s similarly-named Star Wars: Destiny title, centres on Jamie and his lover Claire.

Two to four players roll six custom dice up to three times each turn, attempting to collect as many Jamie or Claire faces as possible. Action cards can be played to alter results, as rolling ‘dark’ characters means impeding the lovers’ reunion.

Scoring high means progressing Jamie and Claire along the destiny track, with the player ultimately responsible for their meeting winning the roughly half-hour game.

The game was created by Sentinel Tactics and Duck Duck Go designer Kevin G. Nunn and comes with six dice and 40 action cards.


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