There will be SeaFall sequels ‘if the market wants it’, says Rob Daviau

22 November 2016
pic3002143-52369.png SeaFall sequels will depend on demand
Designer and creator of legacy concept admits it was the publisher’s idea to bill Pandemic Legacy as ‘Season One’

You can expect more games in the SeaFall series if the first one does well, the designer has revealed.

Tabletop Gaming asked Rob Daviau, who popularised the legacy concept in his 2011 reimagining of Risk before teaming up with Matt Leacock for last year’s lauded Pandemic Legacy: Season One, whether he perceived his first solo project built from the ground up with legacy mechanics in mind as a one-off due to its lack of a similar ‘season’ subtitle.

“[It was the] publisher’s decision to put ‘Season One’ on the box [for Pandemic Legacy],” he recalled. “Turns out it was a good idea.

“There will happily be a SeaFall 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever if the market wants it but I didn’t want to assume anything.”

After months of hype, SeaFall launched last month and has since split opinion as a result of its innovative mechanics and storytelling aspects. (Our own review will be in TTG’s February issue, in order to allow us to play the roughly 45-50-hour game in its entirety – we’ll also include our full exclusive interview with Daviau.)

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“It was a bit ambitious as it was the largest, most complicated game that I’d ever started and only my second legacy game,” Daviau said of SeaFall’s challenging creation.

“One thing I learned is that I like doing my own designs but it is always interesting to be your own editor. That, perhaps, was what I learned the most during that time – how to tell myself ‘no’ to ideas and how to look at my work with a critical eye.”

Despite the effort put into SeaFall, Daviau isn’t taking a breather; Pandemic Legacy: Season Two is due out in 2017. The first images of the hotly-anticipated follow-up crept out of this year’s Essen, showing a new map and hinting at completely original mechanics.


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