The Yellow King RPG, based on the legendary horror book that inspired Lovecraft, has already smashed its Kickstarter

22 June 2017
yellow-king-rpg-98264.jpg The Yellow King RPG
Adaption of Robert W. Chambers’ iconic short story collection raises £23,000 in four hours

The upcoming Yellow King roleplaying game, based on Robert W. Chambers’ influential collection of short horror stories that later inspired H.P. Lovecraft, is now up on Kickstarter, beating its £23,000 target four hours after going live.

The Yellow King RPG has been written and designed by Robin D. Laws, the creator and designer of HeroQuest, Hillfolk and the GUMSHOE system, and is built using an updated version of Laws’ game engine that introduces a new combat system, wound system and the ability to create characters that can be used in multiple settings.

The game itself consists of four books that span settings in late 19th-century Paris, an alternate-history version of 1947, modern-day North America in the same dimension and 2017 in our own universe, which has been populated by supernatural monsters.

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This mimics the original book, which had multiple stories set in different realities and time periods, many of them linked by the reoccurring presence of The Yellow King, a mysterious play said to drive those who read it insane.

The Paris, The Wars, Aftermath and This Is Normal Now books come in a boxed set with a GM screen for £60 as part of the Kickstarter, though digital versions can be had for less money.

The Yellow King RPG is planned for release at the end of 2018.


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