The Witcher Gets A New Board Game Adaptation

13 September 2023
From book series to the digital game, to hugely successful Netflix series, and once again to our tabletop: The Witcher: Path of Destiny will see the beloved characters in a competitive 1-5 player tableau-building card game, crowdfunding from October 19th.

What are the Witcher Board Games?

Such a popular franchise could hardly go without a number of adaptations, and so the recent announcement is hardly the first Witcher game to hit our tables. Whether it's a Pen & Paper RPG, or themed dice, there's a comfortable market overlap resulting in 16 board game geek entries. If you were a fan of The Witcher: Old World, released in May 2021, you may be pleased to hear its creators, Go on Board with CD Projekt RED, have returned to the world of monster slaying, with the newly announced Path of Destiny. 


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What do we know about The Witcher: Path of Destiny?

The Witcher: Path of Destiny will see you take on the role of Geralt, Yennifer, Ciri, Vesemir, or Dandelion in order to explore key stories within the saga, as a competitive tableu building game. Group actions and choices will dictate the path that your game will take, but a sole winner will ultimately become the hero. 

The game is made up of card drafting, with considerations required for colours, symbols, bonuses, and upcoming turn order, before playing two cards from their hand to construct timelines. However, additional symbols will steer the storyline, with destiny tokens evolving the story into new territory – scoring victory points, and unlocking special abilities. The main protagonist emerges as the ultimate victor after three rounds. 

Though it gives Call to Adventure vibes, it also offers secret mission cards, expanded narratives and more, with each story being a standalone experience. The core game also includes high-quality components, with extras being available within the crowdfunding campaign. 

Where can we buy Path of Destiny?

The Witcher: Path of Destiny is heading to Gamefound, and you can check out the preview page ahead of its October 19th launch. There's no word yet on pricing, though the previous, more miniatures-heavy game from the same publisher went to Kickstarter at €70. You'll have the choice of the standard pledge, or a deluxe, with the latter including double-layered player boards, character miniatures, character scoring miniatures, and Tale Tuck-boxes. The box begins with three tales, pitched with more coming – though it's not clear if these will be included or as a later expansion– and a solo mode. Day one backers will receive an exclusive miniature. 


Who Are Go On Board?

Go On Board are a Polish board game designer and developer, describing themselves as an "adventure driven studio". They were responsible for the games Valhalla,  Titans, and The Witcher: The Old World


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