The Walking Dead: All Out War spins out into semi-co-op board game Here’s Negan

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26 June 2018
HeresNegan_HardCov-49575.jpg The Walking Dead: Here's Negan
Arriving this November, skipping Kickstarter

The Walking Dead: All Out War is expanding with a standalone board game spin-off based on the comic-book miniatures hit.

The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan is inspired by the graphic novel of the same name that explored the backstory of the series’ violent villain.

Its gameplay has been adapted from All Out War’s wargaming ruleset, with miniatures from the game fully compatible with the upcoming scenario-driven title. The Here’s Negan box will come with walker figures from All Out War, with the remainder of the 19 models in the set brand new to Mantic’s line-up.

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The game is a semi-co-operative affair, as players take on the role of Negan’s lieutenants working together to keep the Sanctuary clear of the undead while increasing their individual reputation to impress their leader.

Negan is controlled by AI and follows the characters around the map (made up of double-sided environment tiles) – he can also be called in to help dispatch zombies, at the cost of reputation.

The game will include 12 scenarios based on the narrative arc of the comic book, with random events adding extra variation to the story.

Mantic has confirmed that the game will be skipping Kickstarter and arriving straight in shops this November.


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