The Voyages of Marco Polo will be reprinted ahead of its first big expansion

19 April 2017
0003512_the-voyages-of-marco-polo-14069.jpeg The Voyages of Marco Polo
Untitled add-on scheduled for October

It took a young Marco Polo four years to make the long and difficult journey from Venice to China. In comparison, the two year wait for an expansion to the well-loved tabletop game based on his trip, The Voyages of Marco Polo, seems like a breeze.

The expansion was announced earlier this month for release this October, but there’s still very few details on what the first full add-on for the 2015 game will bring.

What’s more, quite a few players started to try and seek out the lauded original box – which, it turns out, isn’t so easy to find nowadays.

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Luckily, the English language publisher for the title, Z-Man Games, has now confirmed to BoardGameGeek that the base Voyages of Marco Polo box will indeed be reprinted before the expansion hits shelves in mid-October.

If you’re yet to experience Voyages, the worker placement and dice-rolling game follows Marco Polo’s journey through Jerusalem and Mesopotamia and along the Silk Road to reach the court of Kubla Khan. Players roll dice to gather resources and money, purchase orders and travel along the map from Venice to Beijing, unlocking new actions based on the locations they reach and the unique ability of their character. At the end of five rounds, victory points determine a winner.

Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini’s tabletop take on the trip has become a beloved favourite of fans, earning a place in BoardGameGeek’s Top 40 overall rankings and becoming one of the 30 best strategy titles on the site, as well as picking up a host of awards. With the reprint on the way, even more people will be able to enjoy the wonderful game!


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