The Universe is Collapsing in Free League's DEATH IN SPACE

29 March 2022
And you can pre-order it from today

Free League, creators of epic RPGs such as Alien, Tales from the Loop, Forbidden Lands and the One Ring, today opens the pre orders for DEATH IN SPACE, a game of adventure and uncertain journeys out into the darkness of space - "Where the void whisper to the unlucky,m and imbues travellers bodies with strange powers". Ultimately a survival game, you're in an abandoned frontier system where resources are scarce, but competition is fierce. 

"In DEATH IN SPACE RPG, you and your crew are a rag-tag bunch of hard-working explorers and laborers hoping for a big score. Your only hope of surviving is to take any contract you can find, sometimes having to put your fate in your enemies' hands.". Think classic western meets early 80's sci fi predictions of the future. 

The game is set in the Tenebris system, a system that is no stranger to war and where mining for resources turned brutal. However, the game has roots in the OSR scene and therefore the rules that accompany it are both easy to use, and easy to hack to bend to your own game style. 

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The book is written by Christian Plogfors and Carl Niblaeus of Stockholm Kartell, and will be printed and distributed by Free League Publishing, under the Workshop sublabel for independently designed games.

Its description confirms that the core book contains everything you may need to get started in this system: ●    Light-weight rules, intended to be easy to use and quick to learn ●    A system for quickly generating player characters & their spacecraft or space-station ●    60+ different modules to make the spacecraft or space-station your own ●    An introduction to the Tenebris system, its main locations and history ●    A system for repairs, where you collect spare parts to repair your stuff ●    20 cosmic mutations, representing physical manifestations of the void ●    A system for spacecraft confrontations and boarding ●    An introductory scenario to jumpstart your campaign ●    40+ tables and generators packed with setting flavour

You can find your copy, or see more details at the Free League store, by clicking here. The core book will cost around £25.


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