The Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar is BACK for 2022!

06 October 2022
Get yours now, as there are limited numbers and you don't want to miss out

Ah, the C word. A curse on the lips of many this early in the year, as admittedly, we are yet to see in Halloween and Bonfire Night, but when there's something this amazing on the horizon, it's worth shouting about it a little early: The Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar is back, and you can pre order your copy now. 

Pre-order now!

Now in it's third year, the hugely successful calendar not only offers huge savings on a wealth of games and gaming adjacent items, but is a hand wrapped, perfectly crafted countdown to Christmas, building the excitement ahead of the big day in a way that only fans of the tabletop can enjoy. 

We won't spoil the surprise on its contents – that's half the fun, after all! – but with an RRP of over £500, you save at least half on this epic collection of gifts, paying only £250. Plus, if you're a subscriber to the magazine, you can pick up a further saving, and pay only £230 for the calendar!

Inside you'll find full versions of games - no promotional packs available for free elsewhere – plus a range of exciting gaming adjacent goodies. Tailored for you by gamers, it features only things we're genuinely excited about, and covers all stretches of the hobby, meaning you're bound to find excitement in the gifts you recognise, and you've a strong foundation for those you don't.

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There are a limited number of calendars available, so be sure to pre-order yours as soon as possible, so you've got the best chance to be in on the fun. Calendars will be dispatched around 21st November 2022 – which gives just enough time for the TTG Elves to get wrapping those gifts.

Pre-order now!


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There's nothing better than unwrapping the perfect game at Christmas, but what about on the 24 days leading up to it? Our elves hand wrap every gift in the Advent Calender, to bring you the best countdown gamers could ask for. 

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