The Race for the Galaxy mobile and PC app is getting its third big expansion next week

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07 December 2017
opponent-94245.png Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War
The Brink of War adds new worlds, developments and prestige

The digital version of sci-fi card game favourite Race for the Galaxy is being updated with its next major expansion next week, fixing some general tweaks and bringing a host of new gameplay elements to the app.

The Brink of War is the third such add-on for the game, following The Gatehring Storm and Rebel vs Imperium, which were available from launch.

Priced at £3.99, the expansion adds four new starting worlds and 36 other developments and worlds. There’s also five extra goals to player to chase after.

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The biggest addition is the prestige mechanic, which gives the chance to rack up extra points and cards, as well as the ability to search the deck for a card or increase their score bonus.

Alongside the expansion, a free update to the game will improve the tutorial and tooltip phrasing, with other fixes to the timer and the way duplicate cards are handled. There’ll also be expanded language support.

Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War is out for the mobile and PC version of the game on December 14th.


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