The original Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is getting a fancy re-release as The Thames Murders & Other Cases

07 April 2017
sheh03_spread-02105.png Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – The Thames Murders & Other Cases
Ten mysteries have been polished and popped in a new box

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective remains the ultimate way of following in the footsteps of the super sleuth on the tabletop, and now the beloved game is getting a makeover and re-release later this year.

Subtitled The Thames Murders & Other Cases, the upcoming version will be popped in a new drawer box to match the other Sherlock releases from Asmodee: revamped Consulting Detective sequel Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures and the more conventional board game Watson & Holmes.

It’s worth mentioning that the ten cases in Thames Murders aren’t new mysteries – they’re the original stories found in Ystari’s edition of the 1982 Spiel des Jahres winner, but retranslated and polished to buff out some of the errors and language issues that had affected the game. Apparently this even means that some of the cases’ ‘contents and solutions’ have changed, but we obviously don’t know much more than that thanks to the risk of spoilers.

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Otherwise, the box includes freshened-up versions of the iconic London map, case books and The Times newspapers.

The exhaustively-titled Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – The Thames Murders & Other Cases will be out in the third quarter of 2017.


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