The original Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook series is getting its own board game

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20 March 2018
IMG_7743_1024x1024-23578.jpg Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger
From the creators of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

It was only a matter of time: the next hopeful to follow in the wake of recent choose-your-own-adventure tabletop hits such as The 7th Continent and Legacy of Dragonholt is Choose Your Own Adventure, the original ‘70s series of gamebooks that’s partially to thank for spawning the interactive narrative genre.

Specifically, the upcoming Choose Your Own Adventure board game will be based on House of Danger, the 15th book in the long-running series written predominantly by Edward Packard and R.A. Montgomery. (House of Danger has since been reorganised as the sixth instalment in the series.)

House of Danger follows a detective – the reader, in the original book – as they investigate the disappearance of the owner of a glass house built on the site of a Civil War prison, and quickly descends into weirder occurrences, including alternate dimensions, human-baboon hybrids, Ghengis Kahn, time travellers and massive Venus flytraps. One of the weirder and wilder entries in the series, the book has shifted over two million copies since it first hit shelves in 1982.

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Working on the tabletop adaptation is Forrest-Pruzan Creative, the developers behind the surprisingly solid deckbuilder Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and the recently-announced Jurassic Park: Danger! Adventure Strategy Game, which is due for release in May.

They’re teaming up with Pandemic Legacy publisher Z-Man to put out Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger this spring.

There’s no suggestion of how the game might replicate the branching story paths of its source material, although early pictures show numbered cards and what appears to be a central score track – could we see another contender in the legacy genre?


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