The official Starfinder RPG miniatures look out of this world

28 September 2017
200e602e58a2bcbbe923d4ab77d4397f_original-00307.jpg Starfinder Masterclass miniatures
Masterclass series includes heroes, ships, creatures and legacy characters updated from Pathfinder

A line of official miniatures for sci-fi RPG Starfinder have just been revealed – and they’re looking very good indeed.

The Masterclass range is currently up on Kickstarter and has already passed its $50,000 target with a few weeks left to run.

The models are unpainted resin figures and range from the game’s line-up of named ‘iconic’ heroes and more generalised race-class combinations to spaceships and enemy creatures, scaling up from 35mm individuals to towering 100mm monsters.

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$100 gets you the Kickstarter-exclusive set of legacy heroes and space goblins based on updated characters from fantasy prequel Pathfinder, plus six slots to choose heroes and four encounter packs – containing bundles of creature miniatures to populate an adventure, such as void zombies, drow and outlaws.

The $180 tier adds in space for extra heroes and encounter sets, but also introduces fleet and creature slots that can be filled by bigger monsters and collections of ships for the Pact Worlds or Corpse factions to be used in Starfinder’s space combat.

The Kickstarter campaign also includes a bonus mini of a human thief, with future stretch goals adding in a Lashunta Xenowarden, Formian workers and warriors, alien Grays and the rat-like Ysoki bounty hunter.

The models are being produced by Super Dungeon: Explore studio Ninja Division and are due for release next May.


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