The next Roll for the Galaxy expansion gets a name, very little else

28 April 2017
pic1473629-36004.jpg Roll for the Galaxy
It will be the second full follow-up to Tom Lehmann’s beloved Race for the Galaxy spin-off following 2015’s Ambition

There are few games that inspire such fervent excitement and passion as Tom Lehmann’s Race for the Galaxy and its dice-centric spin-off Roll for the Galaxy.

So it’s little surprise that any information concerning a new expansion for either game is quickly gobbled up by fans hungry for details.

And boy, does Lehmann love to tease, taking to the BoardGameGeek forums to simply confirm the name of the next Roll for the Galaxy expansion – but offer no clue as to what it might be or when it might materialise.

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“The next Roll expansion will be called Rivalry,” he wrote succinctly.

“No publication date or other info has been announced yet.”

Of course, the title has sparked much discussion and suggestion among fans, who are trying to work out exactly what the single-word moniker could translate to in terms of gameplay.

Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry will be the second full expansion for the 2014 title, following 2015’s Ambition, which introduced new factions, worlds and tiles, as well as extra dice types and optional objectives.


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