The new plan to escape from Arkham Asylum is revealed! | SPONSORED POST

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10 September 2021
Knight Games has finally revealed the dynamics of Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum, the semi- cooperative dungeon crawl for 1-5 players that will be launched in Kickstarter this Fall.
The new plan to escape from Arkham Asylum is revealed! | SPONSORED POST Images

In this post, we show you how players will try to get out of the most famous facility of Gotham City. Get ready to run, think and fight before Batman arrives!



In Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum the plan is the most important point. It instructs the players the conditions of the map, the special effects and the surprises that hidden the game.


The game will contain some fully- detailed escape plans. In this way, each scenario will be fully customizable and guarantees that no two games will be the same.




After choosing the Super Villains and the plan of escape, the players must build the board. The board of the game is modular, composed of several modules called tiles, each of which represents the halls, corridors and other types of rooms of the Asylum.


There are two types of tiles: rectangles and hexagons. The first ones represent corridors, while the hexagons are rooms, like a nursery, audiovisual room or the kitchen. Furthermore, all the rooms are connected by corridors, making multiple scenarios to play. That’s the best part.


However, running through Arkham Asylum will not be that easy. The rooms can have doors and alarms, which will create problems for the players.


After building the board, the players will shift their attention to the Events Cards. This is what adds some randomness to the game. The event cards set unexpected situations that players must address throughout the adventure. Each player will take an Event Card at the beginning of the game.



One of the most important details into the aspect of the game is The Crafting.


To win, some items like a tooth of Killer Croc or the glasses of Hugo Strange, must be crafted or collected along the way. Collecting these objects will be a particular goal to be met by every player.


Some of these objects will be general and relatively easy to collect, while others will be more difficult and related to one of the bosses. The most difficult items will need the help of everyone to be crafted.


DYNAMICS of characters and adversaries.


Each Super Villain and each boss have their own Character Card that gives them special abilities. When fighting against them, the players will need to study both abilities if they want to win the duel.


The more objectives the players meet, the more Infamy Points they will earn, because escaping from the facility will not be enough. The player with the most Infamy Points will win the game!

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In Batman: Escape From Arkham Asylum each round is composed of:




The Player Phase is when the player can perform actions with his/her Super Villain. Each player has 6 actions available for each round so they’ll have to think wisely how to use them. The Super Villains can move, combat and resolve (which embodies many activities like hacking, searching or crafting).


If the players act clever and lucky, they will be closer to escaping. However, if they are unlucky or make a bad decision, the Alert Level will increase, and if the Alert Level reaches the maximum Batman will appear!


Beware of Batman because, although he is a freak, he is the most powerful adversary too. He will go after the most successful Super Villain at the moment and he/ she will struggle to survive the attack.


When all the players have performed the actions, they may flip some Event Cards received during the game. Normally, these are negative outcomes of their actions that will affect the Super Villains. Everybody will have to overcome the circumstances to win!




This is one of the funniest moments of the game, because the players will change roles and will play as their own adversaries. Would you prefer to attack your opponents or misguide the wardens and guards to win as a team? That’s your decision! Each player will take a card and play as an adversary miniature.




When everybody has played as an adversary, the round is finished and the players start another one. There will be a limit of rounds, so everybody must be quick in their strategies.


For now, that’s all, our little fellas. What do you think? As you can see here, Batman is doing what he loves, meddling! So, let’s give him a proper welcome. Keep waiting for more information about Batman: Escape from Arkham asylum and don’t forget to be bad! HAHAHAHA


You can find out more about the upcoming game by visiting the website here.



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