The mechanical melee of Pacific Rim and Gundam comes to Dicebot Megafun next June

02 December 2016
1500x1500_f8c2e00415209ad6d9227da173ca77477905bf6078df13e39152845d-01690.jpg Dicebot Megafun artwork
Players gather parts for their fighting machines from a ‘junkyard’ of dice

Is there anything quite as satisfying as watching two massive robots punch each other in the face? Pacific Rim, Real Steel and Gundam argue no, and they’re about to be backed up by a dice-rolling game of robotic brawling.

In Dicebot Megafun, human players construct a fighting machine from a central ‘junkyard’ of dice, increasing their robot’s speed, strength and abilities by equipping weapons such as lasers, bombs, shields, viruses and uzis – as well as the mysterious ‘Blue Shell’, which sounds like the devastating item from Mario Kart.

After six dice have been selected – five for the body and one for the head – the robots engage in fisticuffs, with advanced modes offering the winner of each bout extra abilities.

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The first to three wins is the overall champion.

The box will include 24 custom dice, 98 weapon cards, 12 special cards and a selection of tokens.

A price hasn’t been confirmed, but it should be out next June.


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