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06 June 2018
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A duo of Napoleonics with Light Division (rules for a limited space games) and It’s on the Cards: an adaptation of the Portable Wargame. Scouting Parties: a pre-release peek at Vanguard from Mantic. Command Decision: Spotsylvania County 1863. Hooray for Hollywood: using scriptwriting techniques to improve scenarios. Hammerhead 2018 and the Joy of Six. There’s also more scratch building and converting: The Wargames Widow uses garden plants plus build canals and convert Dwarves! Plus all the latest news and reviews!

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Issue 423 of Miniature Wargames is on the horizon. What gems can we espy within its pages?
There’s a duo of Napoleonic features with Light Division with Napoleonic rules for those with only a limited space and It’s on the Cards: as the name implies this is a card driven activation adaptation for Bob Cordery’s Portable Wargame by Arthur Harman .

In Send Three and Fourpence Conrad Kinch  ponders on having the right tool for the job: have you ever wondered why you buy so many rulesets? Mr Kinch has!

Do want something new in Fantasy Skirmish? Scouting Parties gives readers a pre-release peek at Vanguard the new Mantic Fantasy Skirmish system.

Hooray for Hollywood gives helpful guidance for using scriptwriting techniques to improve your scenario design. But – if it’s scenario material you want – how about Command Decision: Spotsylvania County?  Yes it’s Virginia, May 1st 1863 and that means another wargames conundrum by Jon Sutherland.

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Under the Brush: The Salute Winners. We have a look at the painting competition winners at this years Salute show.

When it comes to building and converting we have Preaching to the Unconverted which shows what to do with North Star’s new plastic dwarves, but we also have scenery help: Tales of the Towpath guides you in building a canal for your gaming table but the Wargames Widow’s been growing wargames stuff. In the garden!

In A Moveable Feast the editor took his camera to Hammerhead 2018 and – while we are doing shows – why aren’t you playing 6mm scale gaming? Joy of Six is a Q&A full of  thought provoking suggestions to maybe change your mind!
For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: The usual tarot card prediction of the latest in F&SF gaming with releases from Crooked Dice, Code Orange Games, Brigade and more; Forward Observer: What’s up for review in (mostly) historical wargaming with reports on FireForge, Perry, Warlord, PSC, Cavalier and much more. Finally we have Recce for a dozen book reviews. And the free Club Directory!


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