The Investigators of Arkham Horror is a spin-off book you can judge by its cover

02 November 2016
nah09_book_left-84559.png The Investigators of Arkham Horror will include 52 stories and full-colour artwork
264-page hardback includes 52 stories based on characters in Fantasy Flight’s Lovecraftian universe

If you’re somehow running short on Lovecraft-inspired stories to absorb, Fantasy Flight might have just the cure.

The publisher has announced a book based on its Arkham Horror Files franchise – the universe including Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign – which will dig into the backstories of the characters that appear in those games and outline their relationship and experience of the Ancient Old Ones attempting to drench the world in nightmares.

The Investigators of Arkham Horror is a hardbound book that spans 264 pages and has been illustrated by more than 40 artists working in the tabletop industry.

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The full-colour artwork accompanies 52 short stories set in the 1920s and based on characters such as Akachi Onyele, Sister Mary and Minh Thi Phan, which are said to interweave with each other and explain the connection between various investigators, as well as returning to Lovecraft settings such as Miskatonic University and the Clover Club.

Fantasy Flight has also announced a limited edition pre-order version, which includes a copy of the book alongside an illustrated playmat, four art prints and three preview cards for the upcoming Arkham Horror card game.

The premium edition is $60 and available until November 14th. The standard edition of the book comes in at $40. Both products are planned for release before the end of the year.

Update: As spotted by John Stuart, the book appears to be exclusive to FFG's US webstore, and will cost you an extra $69 in shipping to get it posted to the UK – bringing the standard edition up to $109 (£89!).


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