The Game of the Year-winning creators of escape-the-room series Exit have announced a legacy game

31 October 2017
pic3806879-54334.jpg The Rise of Queensdale
Dice-driven The Rise of Queensdale due out next summer

Hot off their reception of this year’s Kennerspiel des Jahres (‘Expert Game of the Year’) for escape-the-room puzzle series Exit: The Game, Inka and Markus Brand have taken a sudden left turn with the surprise reveal of a brand new legacy game.

The Rise of Queensdale is described as being a dice management game with a lot of text to read, with a competitive focus – closer to Risk Legacy and SeaFall than Pandemic Legacy.

According to BoardGameGeek, a complete playthrough of Queensdale is expected to take around 25 hours, consisting of approximately 25 hour-long matches– although there’s no details on whether this number could increase or decrease based on player’s actions and the outcome of matches, as in Pandemic Legacy.

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There’s also said to be a system to help balance players’ standing throughout the campaign, so that one player isn’t able to dominate the rankings from beginning to end.

Interestingly, Queensdale’s box has a number one on the side, hinting at a potential future series based on the legacy game.

The Rise of Queensdale will be released in German next March, but the large amount of text needing to be translated means that an English version won’t be out until August.


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