The fourth Art of Magic: The Gathering book heads to Amonkhet next summer

04 November 2016
V3dx6xXBER-50511.png The art book will include full-colour images and additional lore
Amonkhet expansion for CCG due out in April

Wizards of the Coast has announced the fourth instalment in its The Art of Magic: The Gathering book series, which will look at the lore and visuals of the Amonkhet setting.

The $40 hardcover book will include full-colour illustrations of the Egyptian-inspired lands and people by artists Cliff Childs, Winona Nelson, Christine Choi and Adam Paquette, plus additional lore, trivia and history written by James Wyatt.

The Art of Magic: The Gathering – Amonkhet is due for release in July next year, three months after the first block of the Amonkhet expansion – Magic’s 74th such set! – for the collectible card game is launched in late April.

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