The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms opens up for pre-orders

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01 March 2020
Skyrim continues its legacy of porting to every possible medium with its new skirmish adventure game

Skyrim belongs to the Nords, or whoever you want to play as Modiphius have announced a bunch of miniatures and scenery pieces for The Elder Scrolls Call To Arms skirmish wargame are now available to pre-order with delivery said to be around mid-April.


Call To Arms looks to follow Fallout: Wasteland Warfare in its versatility and features both a player vs player mode and a solo/co-op dungeon delving mode. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be much available in the way of models at this point. The Stormcloak and Imperial starter sets have five models each, most of which are generic swordsmen. Though it is nice to see Hadvar getting some recognition. 

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Most of the launch seems to be given over to the Bleak Falls Barrow set which has the Dragonborn (who is quite boringly human), three skeletal archers, three draugr swordsmen, and a draugr lord. Add to that the beautiful Bleak Falls Barrow scenery set and it does look like an excellent dungeon delving adventure game. Which is partly what Call To Arms is striving to be. With heroes able to find and equip equipment (and little chest tokens to find them in) and bring followers along, Call To Arms looks like it could go down the same wargame to RPG path that Wasteland Warfare followed. 


Modiphius have said in their blog updates that new miniatures will be added in waves to supplement the civil war and the dungeon delving with a selection of adventurers (including a khajit, hooray) having already been shown off. Even more excitingly, they have plans to bring a full narrative campaign where you can “gain favour and grow your village as well as introducing game play elements such as campaign actions, resource management, troop recruitment and training, settlement building and defence, hero and unit development.”


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